Not everyone is a social person. Some people don’t like to talk to new people. For some it is easier to wait to be approached. Then there is me. My daughter cringes sometimes at how easily I strike up conversations with complete strangers.  I’ve never been afraid to take the initiative and approach someone.  When I was pregnant with my son I helped start a moms group for local women I met on an AOL message board (remember those?) From that came some wonderful friendships, a playgroup and some of our kids grew up together and are friends themselves. Then we moved out to the country 17 years ago and I didn’t know anyone so I sent invites to all of the moms in my daughter’s class for a get together at my house.  Out of that came two wonderful friendships that have lasted to this day.  So when we decided to get our own place in East Tawas it seemed natural to me to have a “get to know your neighbors” party for the people in our building.  We had a great time. My husband just goes along with it now, even though he doesn’t consider himself to be very social.

I have amazing friends. I have different groups of friends. Some from working together, some from kids going to school together. My biggest group consists of 10 ladies, some of us have known each other since high school, and some were neighbors that got sucked into the group along the way. We do girls weekends, girls nights out, group vacations.  Graduations, weddings, births, divorces, parties and funerals, we’ve shared some of the biggest moments of our lives with each other. We all live within an hour of each other at the moment but that is going to change very soon. I will be 3 hours from them once we move. I know we aren’t going to lose touch. I will come down to them, we will meet in the middle, they will come up to me.  We will figure it out.  It won’t be as easy to do the smaller things though. The movies, game nights, meeting up for dinner, playing cards.

So I need to create an additional group of friends. A Tawas group. We already know some people; our neighbors, the best bartenders around, friends from karaoke.  But we need to find other couples who enjoy the same things we do.

Seeking fun new friends!

Game nights, karaoke, beach bars, live music, euchre, hiking, bowling, road trips, community theater, local events.

Must enjoy laughing and not taking things too seriously. Spontaneity appreciated.

What do you think? Front page material in the local paper? Ok, even I would not actually take out an ad.  But I AM hoping to meet some people that enjoy those things and we can develop some new friendships. Who knows, maybe my new friends and my old friends will hit it off and we will have even bigger, better summer parties.  We may need to plan on getting a bigger place first!



4 thoughts on “Friendship

      1. I did try one time and it just seems really complicated. But I’m willing to try again. Or just get a bunch of us and play Cards Against Humanity. 😂

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