22 Things Every Michigander Understands

Most of us have seen versions of this, but I put together this collection of my own favorite “how you know you are from Michigan” statements.

1-When people ask us where we are from we point to our hand.

2- We measure distance by time, not miles. It’s 3 hours from Detroit to Holland. 4 hours from Ann Arbor to the Mackinac Bridge.

3- Speaking of Mackinac; The Bridge and Island are spelled Mackinac, the city is spelled Mackinaw. Both spellings are pronounced the same way.

4- We grew up with Vernors, Jiffy corn bread, Better Made Chips, Superman ice cream, Sanders bumpy cake and Faygo.

5– We proudly call our soft drinks POP, not soda!

6- We often have all 4 seasons in the same week. We can wear shorts one day and a winter coat the next. Or sometimes both at the same time. It’s not even a big deal to us.

7- When we go on vacation, it’s usually “Up North”. Which means the Northern lower peninsula. The Upper Peninsula is north of that, but we just call it the U.P.

8- It is not uncommon for parts of the U.P to get snow in May.

9- Whether we support U of M or MSU, we all hate Ohio State!

10- In fact, the only reason we go to Ohio at all is Cedar Point.

11- Hell does freeze over here every winter. People love to take pictures with the sign that welcomes you to the town of Hell in Livingston County.

12- Michigan beaches are the best. No salt, no sharks. They may be cold but we just consider them “refreshing”.

13- If you live in the U.P you are know as a Yooper. If you live in the lower peninsula you are a troll (as in you live under the bridge).

14- We play a card game call Euchre. You grow up watching the adults play and when you finally get to play with them it is a major rite of passage.

15- A Party store is where you buy beer, lottery tickets, jerky and bait. You do NOT go there for streamers and balloons.

16- Tigers Opening Day and the First day of Hunting Season may as well be national holidays.

17- On some roads in Michigan we have to turn right to go left. These are called Michigan lefts. It’s not that hard but seems to really confuse vistors.

18- Despite dealing with almost constant construction our roads are a disaster.

19- A pasty (rhymes with nasty) is not something strippers use, it is a delicious meat and vegetable portable pie.

20- Mackinac Island Fudge is the best fudge ever! Others may say they have it, but it is NOT the same as when you get it on the island.

21- We have over 11,000 inland lakes and you are never more than 85 miles from a Great Lake! Boating, fishing, swimming, kayaking, tubing, windsurfing, kiteboarding. We LOVE our lakes !!

22- We are Smitten with our Mitten and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else! Even with the cold winters and terrible roads we can’t imagine calling anywhere else HOME.

2 thoughts on “22 Things Every Michigander Understands

  1. I think I’m the only person in our great state that doesn’t know how to play Euchre. 😂

    Btw I hope you’re hanging in there. You’ve been in my thoughts.


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