13 Awesome things about being an Empty Nester.

It’s been 6 months now since Chad and I joined the Empty Nest club. While we sometimes feel sad and miss having the kids close by, there are definitely some perks too!

1– Don’t feel like cooking? No problem! We can have cereal, sandwiches, or even dessert for dinner without feeling like a bad parent.

2– My schedule is soooo much more open now. No more booster meetings, parent teacher conferences, football games, choir concerts or chaperoning. My evenings belong to me again.

3– Never walking in to find a new roll of toilet paper on top of an empty one. The toilet paper always gets replaced!

4– No more chauffeur duty. I actually enjoy driving again.

5– Things are always where I left them. No more hunting around for borrowed shoes, gloves, or phone chargers!

6– No one eats things I needed for a recipe.

7– The remote controls never get lost.

8– Eating out is a LOT cheaper!

9– My car is always clean. There are no empty water bottles, trash or clothing left behind in the back seat.

10– I never have to wait for someone to remove their day old clothes from the washer/dryer.

11– I need a lot fewer groceries so I can splurge for the good stuff.

12– The house is always clean!!

And my favorite:

13– I feel like a newlywed again. We can be spontaneous and romantic. Every night can be a date night! In the summer we skipped dinner to go to the beach, in the fall we dropped everything to take a color tour road trip up the coast. We choose how to spend our evenings and weekends based solely on what we feel like doing that day. I can’t wait to see what adventures winter will hold.

3 thoughts on “13 Awesome things about being an Empty Nester.

  1. I died laughing at the toilet paper. We had both Tim & Dan scrambling to find toilet paper this weekend. I just cracked up laughing that bith of them walked past 3 of the Sam’s Club 9 pack bundles at the top of the stairs. NOBODY in my house replaces the damn toilet paper, EVER. 🤣🤣🤣

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    1. I don’t understand why it’s so hard…it takes 10 seconds to change the roll and we’ve always kept it under the sink! 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️


      1. I know! I don’t know how we go through so much toilet paper either, lol! It’s not like I don’t keep 18 rolls under the sink then I keep one roll on the shelf right next to the toilet as a “last resort”. Somehow, they always use what is under the sink, then the last roll next to the toilet. AND they never tell me when we are running low or OUT!!! I just died laughing at both of them when they ran down the basement to get some because none of them pay attention.


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