Life in 2021

When I started this blog I fully intended to write once or twice a week. I did well for awhile but let’s face it, 2020 was rough! The only thing people talked about ALL YEAR was Covid and politics and those were not topics I wanted to spend even more time thinking about! I’m still not sure I have enough to write about this year, but I just renewed my annual subscription for this site so I might as well use it! This is my attempt to catch you up with what is happening in my life at the moment…

Going back to work. A little over 2 years ago I quit my full time job. I needed knee surgery, I wanted to spend as much time as possible with my mom who was in hospice, and we were getting ready for our move up north. I never intended to “retire” from working permanently. I figured I’d concentrate on other things for a few years until we started our own business and then I’d be working again. My knee healed, I spent a lot of time with my mom before we lost her, and we successfully relocated to East Tawas. I became active in the community and volunteered with a few local groups.

One of those volunteer jobs was at the Tawas Area Chamber of Commerce. I helped out once a week taking calls, answering emails, greeting visitors and helping with social media. It was a good way to get to know community members and keep up with the latest town news. I recently accepted a paid part time position with them, starting next week! I wasn’t planning on going back to work quite yet but I am excited about the opportunity. The hours are flexible so I can have weekends with my friends, time for the beach and still earn a paycheck!

Selling my photographs. My last post was about the new artist gallery opening up in the next town. My prints are ready to be hung and it looks like the gallery should open in about 3 weeks. I have no idea if any of them will sell. If they don’t then a few lucky people are getting nice Christmas gifts from me this year!

Getting Healthier. Since May of 2020 I have been making my health a priority. I’m drinking protein shakes, not eating between meals and drinking more water. I’ve lost a little over 50 pounds, dropped a few sizes and have increased my energy/stamina. While it does feel good to see the number on the scale going down, my main focus is health. It FEELS GOOD to not be as out of breath and be able to push myself further. I have a long way to go but I am proud of the progress I’m making. Slow and steady!

Our kids are doing well. Our oldest daughter is recently engaged, making new friends and enjoying her job. Our middle daughter and her husband bought their first house, have good jobs and their adorable son will be ONE next month. Our youngest son is now a full time firefighter, almost done with his paramedic course and seems to be enjoying his grown up life. I definitely miss the kids and wish we saw them more often, but I am proud of them and the lives they are living. They are all happy and thriving, what else could a parent ask for?

I am hoping now that things are slowly returning to normal and I am not spending as much time on the couch, I will have more to write about!

Blue Ice formation south of Tawas City

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