About Me

I struggled with this section the most.  What do I say here?  Do I talk about my husband and kids?  My interests and hobbies?  How do I define myself? Honestly, that is what this whole blog is about, finding myself and redefining my future.  Yes- I have a wonderful husband and we have 3 amazing kids. I love them with all my heart.  But I’m sure you don’t want all the gooey details.

Let’s just say I am a forty something year old who just quit her full time job to move up north and spend the second half of her life on the beach with her hubby.  We are downsizing and simplifying and venturing out away from all that is familiar to us.  It’s exciting and scary at the same time.  This is the reason for this blog.  To give me a place to share this journey with my friends and family.