Where is the snow?

We started hearing about a big, scary winter storm promising lots of snow heading our way about 5 days before it hit. As a Northern Michigan girl who loves snow, I was pretty excited. Images of snowball fights, building snowmen and sipping cocoa while walking along a snow covered trail danced in my head. THAT is winter to me. Not this gray/brown post holiday dreary landscape we’ve become all too familiar with.

On Friday the forecast called for freezing rain and then 6-11 inches of snow, beginning overnight on Friday. Our little town was buzzing about it and stocking up for a Snowpocalpyse. If the lines at Walmart were any indication, people were taking this warning seriously! It was very warm and humid that afternoon and almost 50°. I had doubts then about the amount of snow we were expected to get.

An updated forecast pushed back the storm from Friday night through Saturday night to Saturday afternoon though Saturday night. We woke up Saturday morning with a little ice on the deck and some gusty winds. At that point they had changed the snow total prediction to 3-7 inches. As a lifelong Detroit Lions fan, I am used to disappointment but I couldn’t help but be bummed. Where was the snow I had been promised?!?!

My poor friends downstate were dealing with heavy rains and flooding. There were pictures of people kayaking in their neighborhood streets! And I was a few hours away, still hopefully watching the skies, waiting for the storm to start. The wind picked up through the afternoon. There were big, powerful waves on Lake Huron that undoubtedly caused damage to an already suffering shoreline. We didn’t get all of the freezing rain that had been predicted, which WAS a good thing. But we also didn’t get much snow.

Saturday evening I watched the scene unfold from my cozy little perch in town. The heavy winds blowing the powdery snow around made it look worse than it was. Some local businesses had decided to close up early for the safety of their employees and customers, which I can appreciate. We however, decided to venture out for dinner. The roads were snowy but we didn’t have any problems. The attitude among the other diners seemed to be “bring it on”. By that point no one seemed too concerned. A band was going on soon and it was just another Saturday night in town. We stuck around for a couple hours and then headed back to our retreat where I was still hoping for the snow to really start falling and take us by surprise {a Lions fan, remember}.

I woke up Sunday morning to a calm, gray sky. No heavy winds, just the sound of plows and snowblowers. It’s tough to say how much total snow we received, I haven’t heard anything official. The high winds caused a lot of drifting. I would guess 4-5 inches. Enough to at least cover the brown. It certainly wasn’t the foot of snow I was hoping for. There will be no snowman or snowball fights from this one. Maybe next time.

2 thoughts on “Where is the snow?

  1. Hi, Shannone. Congrats on your site, it looks really good! I saw it on ILT. I was born and raised in E.T. It’s nice to see more extensive and thoughtful writing about the area other than what I can get in ILT. Keep writing and all the best! Tom


    1. Thank you so much Tom! I love writing about my new town. The beautiful landscape, friendly people, fun things to do. It’s a great area. 🙂


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